Take advantage of your email signature

Take advantage of your email signature

What does your email signature look like? Are you using it to further the reach of your business? What steps can you take to make this happen?

Your signature is a great way to bring that extra bit of professionalism to your business, bringing attention to your social pages and also providing alternate ways of contacting you. There are many tools out there that promise you an easy and quick way to get this set up, but many of the features you would like to take advantage of comes at a cost.

It has been maybe a year or two since I stumpled upon WiseStamp as I was searching for a way to spice up my email signature. I got hooked just from reading their about page when they promised to

build a strong platform with a variety of Email Аpps that on one hand lets users make a better use of their daily emails – adding a whole new level of functionality and interaction – and on the other hand enabl[ing] publishers (social services and brands) to distribute their content and engage users in one of the biggest online markets – email.

The reason I decided to go with WiseStamp is because it offers a lot more features for it’s FREE account than the other competitors out there, such as catering for multiple email accounts (two with the free account). It’s pretty easy to use and customize and even provides templates for beginners and an advanced option for those who are good at coding html. They are constantly evolving and have expanded they apps even to youtube and pinterest.

So if you are looking for a great email signature builder, check this one out. You won’t be disappointed. Below is an example of our email signature, which if you have communicated with us before you would have seen. If you need help? Give us a shout!