OLD Site

You may have heard the name Azure Hills before since they were previous clients of ours on the Azure Hills Preschool website project that was launched previously (see it here). They reached out to us once again seeking help to redesign the church’s website which was also created in Wix and had multiple other ministry pages that were their own standalone websites. Their main purpose was to have everything under one umbrella while giving their website a fresh new look.

We worked tirelessly over a period of a few months to get the site up and running. The first instance of the homepage design can be seen in the first video which appeared upon site launch, but after a few months there was a need to restructure some things and now the homepage has a slightly different look. You can view that in the second video.

This was a large project that took a lot of time and hard work but we enjoyed every minute of it. The team that we worked with were excellent at providing vital feedback and made the process so much easier. To that I am very grateful. Ready to see the finished project? Click here to check it out!

Client: Azure Hills Church

Date: December 2018