ouc 2015



Back in 2012 while living in S. Africa, we were approached by Jimmy Wilson, Technical Director at the church to assist with the maintenance of the OUC website which we did for approximately a year. Fast forward 2 years later, 2015, and now living in Huntsville, Alabama and also a member of OUC we were approached once again to assist this time with the redesign of the website. As some of you may know OUC is the home base for Breath of Life Television Ministries so the idea for the redesign was to have the same look as the BOL website but with the OUC church colors which we were able to successfully achieve.

In 2016, one year later, OUC received a new youth pastor who had a totally different vision for the OUC site and wanted a custom and youthful approach to the site design with a short turnaround time. In just 2 months we launched the redesign of the website and have received much praise for it’s new and forward thinking design.

Client: Dr. Carlton Byrd and Ps. Anthony Bolden

Date: November 2016