It’s been 8 years since our first interaction with The Thusong and at the end of 2017 they reached out to us again to assist them with updating their website so it would be relevant to the ever changing trends of web design. This time instead of a custom design they chose a more affordable option, Template Customization, which allowed us to choose a template and customize it to their needs. This was a much quicker process as well and in no time we had them up and running. Take a look at their new redesign!



The Thusong was our very first Client who saw the vision and decided to sow a seed. For that we are forever grateful to them for trusting us to create their first impression on the web and allowing us to show our creative side. The Thusong came to us requesting a custom designed site that flowed with the design of their current logo. We were able to formulate a design that integrated the color scheme and style of the logo while also providing relevant content for their customers.

The site is using a simple CMS called CushyCMS which is perfect for the minimal content management that the business required.

Date: March 2018

Date: April 2010