If you have had a great working experience with us and have not gotten a chance to tell others about it, feel free to do so now. We value your opinions and seek to grow from the feedback you provide in regards to our services. Please leave a testimonial/comment for us and have it listed here.

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[testimonial company=”Beth-El SDA Church, Jersey City, NJ” author=”Pastor Troy Levy, Senior Pastor” ]
I tried working on my church’s website myself but just didn’t have the time or patience to figure everything out. That’s when I contacted Komposition. Their reputation preceded them and came highly recommended from another colleague. Komposition took over our website although it was in shambles and out came a beautiful product. They were extremely patient with us and took their time to ensure that we received consummate professionalism and skill. Our church’s public profile is much better off because of Komposition’s work. I’m very pleased.

[testimonial company=”Best Chef” author=”Chef Nicole, Owner” ]
I found Komposition LLC through a family referral when I was looking to upgrade and make my website, mybestchef.com for my personal chef and catering business, Best Chef more mobile friendly. I had a wonderful experience working with Kanique. Her communication in updating me was excellent. She was patient when I had to wait for my photographer to edit my photos for the website as well. This delayed me by about 3 weeks. I was satisfied how Kanique handled hiccups on her end as well. In a creative collaboration sometimes you endure a few obstacles, but Kanique was very good at fixing any issues. She was really good at suggesting caveats that I didn’t think of as well, such as linking my social media feeds to my website. She also was big on putting in security checks on the websites to keep spammers and hackers at bay. I’ve already recommended her to one person and I would gladly do it again.

[testimonial company=”Miracle Temple Worship Center” author=”Dr. ET Stoddart, Senior Pastor” ]
Over the past several years, the Miracle Temple Church has had the privilege of excellent web services through the exceptional expertise of Komposition LLC. Their ability to listen, capture concepts, create and maintain a website, speaks volumes about the professional attitude they bring to the task. I highly recommend them as a visionary cutting edge webmaster, who will present your organization in a way that will impress those who come to your website, and set your organization on a pace to reach that next level.

[testimonial company=”Debx N Credx LLC” author=”Brian Sirls, CPA” ]
Komposition has done an excellent job in executing our firms needs. The turnaround time in completing our website was excellent! There were additional items that needed to be added to our website once it was completed and Komposition was able to execute them without any problems. Our website is the face to our clients. It has added value to our business by being an additional resource to customer service. Clients can now visit our website to answer many of their questions, access their documents and provide us feedback. We strongly recommend Komposition in providing a professional website for any business.

[testimonial company=”General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists” author=”Bryan Collick, Assistant Director of Communication” ]
Komposition LLC was a tremendous asset to our team, providing superior graphic, coding and content support during a high-level event. Reliable and a good team player, I look forward to working with her in the future. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

[testimonial company=”The Thusong” author=”Merlene Blair-Brown, RN., LCMFT” ]
Komposition LLC created the most awesome web site for my company The Thusong. The responses of my clients indicate to me that the objectives of the web design are effective.
“Calming site.”, “attractive and well designed”, ” diverse use of pictures”, and “easy to follow and obtain the information” .
I highly recommend this web designer.

[testimonial company=”Cape Conference” author=”Ralph Hara, IT Director” ]
What makes this company unique is the fact that the company has a personal touch/one on one understanding of clients needs. The idea of proposing additional things to the actual proposal i.e the addition of The Great Hope, 777 etc because they saw that it would add value to our engagement(website) was an added value to the service offered.There was easy communication, where almost all requests were in writing making it easy to follow up. After every request there was always feedback from the company on progress or completion. Most definitely yes, I would recommend Komposition LLC to others because of their kindness and keeping to time. Should the opportunity arise, I would use their services again.

[testimonial company=”Seventh-day Adventist Church of the Oranges” author=”Andrew Gilpin, Communication/Media Ministry Leader 2014 – 2015″ ]
As the leader of Communications at my church, my team and I were entrusted with the task of increasing our media presence internally for our congregation and externally for our community. In taking stock of what areas needed to reviewed, we decided it was time to revamp our website & our web presence. We forged ahead with the project, setting goals and expectations for our new site to focus on a Content Management System (CMS) which would allow us to have a flexible, responsive, multifunctioning site. We quickly realized that our team’s DIY approach would not meet all expectations in a timely fashion, so we contacted Komposition LLC to assist us to get a modern responsive (mobile) friendly site with a strong CMS (WordPress). Based on the work that was done for other church websites, we were confident in the quality of the work that could be offered by Komposition LLC. Once we finalized our new direction Komposition LLC. worked with us to refine our ideas into a modern site which was equally comfortable on computers, tablets and mobile phones and provided the technical and artistic expertise in a professional manner. Needless to say our Media team and our congregation have been quite pleased with our new site and the added functionality provided. Through it all Komposition LLC worked with us using any and all modern communication and online collaboration tools so we could all be on the same page with the sites ongoing progress and was quite responsive when the inevitable issues arose with quick effective solutions. We were wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking for a modern web presence to consider using Komposition LLC to provide that much need update to their online presence. We can be relied upon to provide any and all references upon request.